Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Yang Chow Name

Yang Chow Restaurant was named after the province and city of its founders.  The city of Yang Chow itself has a storied history of affluence and as a cultural center due its location.

During imperial times, the city was the center of trade for salt, silk, and rice. Located by the Yangtze river and Jinghang Canal, it served as an important port for trade.  With its heightened role, the city became a magnate for wealthy merchants.  Like many modern metropolitan cities, Yang Chow soon became equally well known for its varied offerings of gourmet delicacies and other services catered to merchants with disposable income.

With the association of gourmet dining since imperial times, Yang Chow is a name apt for a restaurant that has slowly grown in popularity in the greater Los Angeles area for quality Chinese cuisine.