Friday, October 30, 2009

Status Update

Going to start posting on this blog more regularly. It's going to depend on getting interviews from the people who actually know more about the history of dishes that were served at Yang Chow. For example, there are dishes that we used to serve, but have taken off the menu as they weren't popular back in the day, like jellyfish, pig ears, and drunken chicken.

Pig ears and drunken chicken are actually no longer allowed by the health department. It's in the process. I'll go into more detail once I get it.

If you are curious about any particular dishes or styles of Chinese cooking, feel free to leave a comment and I'll go do some investigating.


******************** Shanghai MiFeng said...

As I'm now married to a Shanghai Lady and she is living here in California with me , she brought one of her special Dishes with her .. which is one of my favorite Dish by now .. Jellyfish with Dukon Radish . I'd love to see it on a Menu and give People a chance to experience it's great taste .

Yang Chow said...

Hi, there are quite a few restaurants in San Gabriel Valley that serves this dish. We used to have this dish along with other cold dishes (i.e. pig ears), but have since removed it. It's difficult to keep a large menu of things that are rarely ordered. This would lead to food that isn't fresh when it is finally ordered and taking up much needed space in our freezers/refrigerators.

I recommend Mei Long Village at 301 W. Valley if you want a good Shanghainese restaurant.

Patrick H. McCloskey said...

anything happening lately at Yang Chow?